Yes, You Should

Most of our performances are private events, so however you got to this page ... we're glad you're here.

Promo Video

30 seconds is hardly a true representation of a performance, let alone a full list of everything we do before and during events, but you can at least see and hear a few musical snippets. "Snippets" is a funny word.

What an outgoing, talented, and fun group!
— Lynette Ulman, Co-Owner, Every Little Detail
The band has a fantastic playlist that appeals to all ages and kept everyone on the dance floor all evening. Their chemistry, sound, and musical talents are exceptional and we couldn’t have been happier!!
— Paula, Mother of the Bride
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So Fresh and So clean

We'll even shower on the day of your event.

2013 CPG Crowd.JPG

*Unstaged HAPPINess

These people in the crowd are clearly having the time of their lives.


* totally staged

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We like each other

That's not always the case with bands.
Also pictured: Mike Posner.